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quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2009

Acknowledgement to the Divine

To all those whose lives
are driven by fear
I will say "Love
what you are and be glad to be"
Because everywhere is home
and we belong here.

And do not daresay you own whatsoever.

All is one
and one shall not have

It's us, dearest one
Who actually belongs.

We might finally find happiness
and might as well stop
regardlessly taking
when Love takes over Fear
and Debt becomes Gratefulness

(I see now that's what they've been talking about!...)

-Accept the bless, embrace the mess
Let go with the river

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Lightness (song)

I was once going through the will
to catch the stars around
But my feet were attached to the ground

And I walked down the valley
Trying to follow the sound
which I was sure I heard
coming from the crowd

When I got down there
I could see not its source
from anywhere
I was troubled, I was trembling
And the stars were even further

But I'm sure that what my eyes see
My fingers can get to touch
I won't shut the voice
which now I know speaks inside of me

I'm so light, I'm so light
I'm now heading to the sky
There's no need to fear the height
Just learn to let go

If you will, take my hand
We'll go as fast as we can
There's no explanation
when you're there you'll understand

When I finally caught the stars
that I'd pursued for so long
When I was among them
Unexpectedly I discovered

Something on them was out
of the concept that I used to guard
They could talk the language spoken by my heart

And they told me everything
That they could see from up above
And patiently I listened to what was being taught

Thus the truth that I used to ignore
was then revealed to me
and surprisingly I was no surprised at all

From the Stars, we're the stars
And we're shining from the heart
For the human soul is brighter than the light itself

And we're light, we're the light
Though we have no wings to fly
We can go so high in spirit
It's incredible

I was unaware before
But now it's just so good to know
Of the lightness, of the Brightness
Of my human Soul

domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

O Momento em Movimento

O momento em movimento
a passagem contratempo
configuram-se à eternidade.

Todo tempo é antitempo.
Corroboram-se e anulam-se
Pois que o tempo se estendendo
não passa.
O Espaço se desdobra
Reprojetando-se através
da dimensão do tempo,
a fim de capturar-se
dentro de um novo segundo.
Por equidade consagrar-se eterno.
(e existir se torna
alguma forma de velocidade)

A isso pode-se chamar dança, interação.

E o resto se refere à gravidade.

domingo, 29 de março de 2009

Me, Us and All

That night there was Me, Myself and I
enjoying themselves 
their strengths and their faults
just getting together for one more night out

Me and I, then, they  started to argue
Because each one wanted to go somewhere different
But naturally I would make stand over me
Because I does whereas Me has to be taken

But neither will go anywhere
unaccompained by Myself
Myself who's always to balance 
his brothers around
and who's responsible 
For the little Carnival

So long live the Triplets
and let there be Night
and Day to their co-being
They might seem alike
or play one each other
They very much like
to mix up one's mind

But watch very closely
You'll be able to regognize

I goes on the vanguard
all dressed up in Spades
He rides a royal horse
and opens up the way

Myself is the big boss
the leader, the shepherd
He's crowned by a god named Will
He shall dictate firmly the rhythm
of this one intrepid Trinity

Me is there to be shaped
for he is the malleable bit

Thus they shall become One
Me Myself and I
are nothing alone
and only together 
will get something done

Like notes to a chord
and chords to a song.

I Me and Myself
a concept
a sign
Me Myself and I

sábado, 28 de março de 2009

I'd probably be outside myself
If it were not just for its stupid persistance
I'd possibly now be up to something else
If I didn't actually feel its existance

It's hard to believe
so simple it is
It's not to conceive
It's not you or me

It's something that's nailed
embodied, though absent
It's out of the scale
and therefore astonishment

My pumps of true strength
my Passion my guts
are all I have left
my Windows are shut