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quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

The Moment in Movement (O Momento em Movimento)

Hey Fingers... That poem about space-time you sent me which I liked very much and which I posted months ago, I yesterday translated it to English and thought: wow, that's something.
So there it goes:

The Moment in Movement
The hence passway counter-time
is configured up to eternity

All Iime is anti-time
They corroborate and selfnullify
for Time in extension
does not pass.

Space unfolds
selfreprojectingly through
the dimension of time
in order to apprehend itself
within a new second
Thus for equity
be consecrated eternal.
(and existing becomes
some sort of velocity)

That: may be called dance, interaction

and all the rest refers to its gravity.

2 comentários:

camila bravim disse...

saiu os projetos habilitados da secult já deu uma olhada?

Lis Motta disse...

lindo em inglês também!